Mongi tourna 2

Woman’s Day netball fun.


Women empowerment is a much-talked about topic today. Women are increasingly getting empowered to decide the course of their life and professions and realize their fullest potential and transformation is a bottom up approach which means we must invest in the development of talent in township and rural communities.


It is believed by the organizers Mongi Mabadi  & Thulani Molefe who were responsible for the youth day football tournament on the 16th of

June as well as the woman’s day netball tournament on the 9th of August, in Thabo Mbeki Informal settlement, that through Sports for development,  young people does not only get to play their beloved sports, they also learn the essential life skills which directly translate into achievement.


Teaching self-confidence, team building and communication, the program fills in elemental pieces to the ‘academic puzzle’ which are critical to a well-rounded education and a brighter future. 


The event was kicked off by Tornado netball team, Mighty girls, Mzala netball team, Malatjie netball team, Video netball team, Siyadlala netball team, Peace lovers and Ngizwe netball Team. There was a spirit of excitement in the air as the girls battled it out on the court.


In the end it was Mighty Girls who took second place, a well deserved win went to Tornado netball team who took home the gold, part of being the winners of the competition they each went home with brand new netball kit and medals to remind them of their victory. 


Sponsor for both events is Peter Venter CEO of Tower Group.

The day was a huge success.The organizers felt that empowering the youth and creating upliftment through sport would have a positive impact in the development of the community.

Bridget talk career

Talk career with me.

While popular surveys show that public speaking is a great fear for many people, for some it’s just a walk in the park. 

Talk career with me; is a heartfelt initiative by Bridget Lissy Phiri from Lady Daughter House (LDH) to teach and promote the art of public speaking at schools.


The competition was hosted at Kwena Molopo comprehensive farm school and kick-started with the students from the different schools showcasing their gift of speech. The audience was blown away at the ability of the students who spoke with an eloquence and knowledge beyond their years. Interesting points were raised about which careers are becoming obsolete and the future of artificial intelligence and robotics. 


Although all of the students from the four schools spoke brilliantly it was evident from early on in the competition that Mederian Cosmo High was the front runner.


Mederian Cosmo High walked away as the winners of the competition, with Kwena Molapo in second place and Diepsloot Combined in third place.The event ended off with the handing out of trophies to the winning schools, trophies sponsored by Etienne Kalp.


 We would like to give thanks to all of the sponsors and to all the people who pitched in to make the event such a huge success. We would like to thank the organizers, the judges and the sponsors who provided the food, the trophies and the certificates: Richard Fowlds, Willem Lindique, Sharon Ngizari, Nkulu Dube, Mary Mpore, Michael Malinga, and last but not least the teachers and students from Kwena Molapo Comprehensive Farm School; Diepsloot Secondary 3; Meridian Cosmo High and Diepsloot Combined School who all made the time to attend and participate in this inaugural event on a Friday Afternoon!